david ordal


Hello. My name is David. I live in Oakland, CA. I like startups. I write code whenever I can (and whenever my team lets me). I fly planes. Small ones, anyway.

I like to travel, and have been lucky enough to see six of the seven continents. Antarctica, you're next.

By day, I'm CEO of ExaVault. By night, I blog at StartupCTO.


  • ExaVault - I currently manage the team ExaVault. We do business file transfer: when you need to get a file from Atlantis to Shangri-La, we're the people you need to talk to. We've been fortunate enough to get some great clients like Disney.
  • EverbookedAcquired by Evolve Vacation Rentals - I was the CEO of Everbooked, which brought the power of data-driven pricing to the sharing economy, allowing Airbnb hosts and others to set the optimal price for their listings each night.
  • HuddlerAcquired by Wikia - I previously worked as VP of Engineering at Huddler.com, leading the development of next-generation consumer product communities. We launched in 2008; check out www.huddler.com for more.
  • GroundworkGroundwork Open Source hired me to help rebuild and rearchitect their Web 2.0 customer platform. I handled the full development lifecycle, from defining requirements all the way to QA.


  • Hometown: Oakland, CA
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Machine: Macbook Pro
  • Editor(s): TextMate and Sublime Text
  • Favorite Plane: Cirrus SR-22
  • Favorite City Outside the US: Sydney, Australia
  • contact

  • T: 510.693.0370
  • LI: dordal
  • B: www.startupcto.com
  • E: d......@ordal.com
  • GPS: 344 Thomas L Berkley Way, Oakland, CA 94612